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About the projects

These are the projects designed for ABCmouse Core Team at Age of Learning. The target audiences are children 2-8 years old. Some of the projects are designed for parents.

Project 1: Parent Section Enhancement

I was on the team to improve the user flow and visual design for parents.

Final Design


Live Site

Special Design for China Market

I modified the design to appeal the China market.


0017_08d_P_Phone_UI_SE_Sally_Edit_3_CN c

Design for Different Platforms 

During the design process, I anticipate the needs of different platforms.


US_PX_DESKTOP_CustomerSupport_Landing Pa

Design System

I created a style guide for mobile design, used by other designers to create a uniform look for the app. The style guide was carefully crafted with both US and Asian markets in mind. 



Project 2: Offline Content

This project encourages users to engage with content while offline. 

a. Brain Storming

We had to encourage parents to download content before going offline.



b. Design


Improved design 1: Offline pages



Improved design 2: Library pages


Parents could pre-manage offline content. In this case, children can still engage with content while offline.



Project 3: Subject Pages for 1st Grade


Project 4: Enterprise Management System

Project 5: Crafting and Learning Tool

This crafting and learning tool, designed for older children, builds general study skills using pictorial images and math.



Project 6: Sticker App in Hackathon

Hackathon was an event my company organized to encourage designers to create their own projects. I and another coworker developed a series of branded emojis that kids could download and attach to messages. Our project won 3rd place in the competition, against 30+ other entries.

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