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About the projects

These are ABCmouse Tencent projects, targeting children aged 2-8 in China. The brand's introduction to the Chinese market required a great deal of customization to accommodate cultural nuances. 


Project 1: Tap & Learn

This is an important product along with the online learning app. In this project, I created a concept design for Tencent's senior product manager. From there, I fully managed the project, including design review.



One of the main challenges was to stay within budget while making the poster more fun for kids to learn English.


My responsibilities are including project managing and design reviewing. The project includes 24 units. Every unit has 8 books, about 15 flashcards, 4 stickers, 1-2 posters, and 1 workbook.

Final Product

Project 2: Flashcard Game Visual Design

This is a game designed for kids to learn English by associating words with pictures and pronunciation.


The challenge of the project was to allow the game enough freedom to show multiple unrelated photos in one theme. I proposed different ideas to the VP and stakeholders.

Final Design

After meeting with the Tencent engineer, I explored the possibilities of programming and animation. I created the visual design of the game, and exported the assets for programming. I created all 26 cloud letters to make the game more fun.

Project 3: Word Tapper English Learning Game

This game teaches English vocabulary. The video host will pronounce a word, and the user taps on the corresponding word's image.



b. Final Design Samples


c. Improving the Experience

After I designed the game, I created the critters' animation key frames. I directed the animator and worked closely with the programmer to determine the best method of animation for the game.


Adding Animation


animation for programming_s.png

Project 4: Speech Production 


This is a talking game to help kids practice speaking English.

Design challenges:

1. How to entertain users when playing the educational game? 

2. How to make the elements fun but not distracting? 

3. How to design a simple and easy to use recording system?



Final design

Project 5: True or False Game Design

This is a talking game to help kids practice listening in English and answering the questions by simply clicking on right/wrong buttons. 

I designed the game and illustrated the background.

The design challenges: 1. Determine design for a universal timer in game 2. Create a fun environment to engage children.



Final design

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